photographer [courtney brooke]’s self-portraits

“Courtney Brooke has found a time machine that she uses to take her pictures. She travels back in time, buys a camera, takes her shots, then hides the pictures in a secret location to age. She travels back to our current time and retrieves the photos and then shares them with us.” (rotin)

an artist and a photographer is courtney brooke. i really [admire] her work–> she has this sort of nostalgic [aura] (im thinking circa 1970s–hippie era) in her photographs and at the same time is so artistic (using her natural creative eye) in the way that she captures her subjects (even if the subject is herself.)

You must check out her website to really get deep into her work–> i [promise] dear, camille.ion you will love them!

Check out her flickr site –>  calico.courtney-brooke 


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