[house of gallagher] designer: matthew.gallagher

:: happy birthday to matthew.gallagher::

When i think of an young [upcoming] designer who makes beautiful [delicate] clothing i think of Matt. I have the honor of knowing this [womenswear] genius personally and i do have to say that he’s an [incredible] person and its no surprise that he makes [unbelievable] designs. 

The designer decided to turn his “hobby” into the real deal in 2003 by jet-setting to New York to perform an internship with Tracy Reese. He went on to complete an intensive studies program at the Holy Grail of all fashion schools, Parsons School of Design. Oh not to mention that before leaving NYC, Gallagher picked up two letters of recommendation from the late Kal Ruttenstein of Bloomingdale’s New York, and none other than the industry giant Tom Ford (back when he was affiliated with Gucci & Yves Saint Laurent). 

The triumphant story continues for Matthew across the deep blue seas in Milano, Italy. Now attending the 3 year bachelor’s of design program at the Istituto Europeo di Design Moda Lab after winning the fashion design scholarship competition in 2009. It is his first year and he’s already been deemed a local prodigy for his beautiful designs polished off perfectly with his flawless tailoring. The italian design school is constantly asking Matthew to represent them in international showcases in which he is always given recognition for his work amongst the fashion industry professionals. 

–> there’s a part 2 coming. Cant wait for Matt’s [24K gold] party this upcoming weekend–im ready to [shine] til i cant shine anymore!

Visit the House of Gallagher NOW!


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