mandy [coon]: model turned [eccentric] designer

I always tend to have some kind of [hesitance] when i hear that celebrities or models or [whatever] say that they are coming out with their own clothing line. I mean, its a bit strange…why dont we leave the designing to the [professionals]??

^^ however^^

Mandy Coon, the model turned designer has opened my [eyes] to the possibility that random people can create beautiful [unbelievable] things too!

Her FW collection definitely has this feminine [vampire] feel to it. Black is [of course] the focal color but then its set with a really [soft] cream.
Fabrics used? –> wool, silk chiffon, and of course leather. 

What i love about Mandy’s collection? –>

1. im [obsessed with the color black], 2. the chunky [knits] are beyond perfect for fall winter, 3. and the [hoods] she incorporated into the look—she makes having a hood look super chic/super fashionable.

link love: Mandy Coon


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