camille.ion [guy] of the day: “juanito”

Meet: Juan Manuel

This cutie (and also happens to be a sweet friend of mine) is from Guatemala! Juanito has so much style. He has that type of vision [where] whatever he’s wearing will be perfect for any situation….[seriously]

And you can never go wrong with a v-neck and a rolled [up] unbuttoned plaid flannel shirt paired [& tucked in] some high top [trainers]. also spicing it up with a funky watch–that you just cant keep your eyes [off] of! 

ps. dont you just love his black [satchel] bag & his amazing shades??

oh [and] and….his hair is always perfect! haha


One thought on “camille.ion [guy] of the day: “juanito”

  1. […] it does help that the interviewer is my sweet friend, Juan Manuel…(remember he was the camille.ion guy of the day??!!) haha. at the end, he had asked me to tell fashiontv what i was wearing that […]

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