my [ray ban] “never hide” campaign.

This is the Before [original] shot. –> FYI — she’s a super -cute blogger/stylist from Copenhagen 
For some reason i decided to make a [fake] rayban advert just to make myself laugh and this is what i did:

So its really simple:

for those of you who dont know, Ray Ban’s current campaign is called ” NEVER HIDE” which features a collection of rare awesome prints on their [infamous] wayfarer glasses. 

I decided to play with the “never hide” concept by adding just “HIDE” and putting the [wacky] pattern of one of the sunglasses onto the blogger’s eyes –> not revealing the actual sunglasses at all. So i guess its kinda of a “hide in plain sight” type of thing since the graphics on these sunglasses are so [insane!] 

Like these. that feature a subway map on them! (im totally getting a pair.)

[i know. i know.] you’re probably shaking your head…im really not that creative but i DID think it was pretty [dope] in a way…to see how you can “spin” logos! 😉



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