[new] in my closet: hot pink & [beads]

look at the new love of my life!!

Me and a few girlfriends went to the vtg market (that occurs every saturday) in milano. I tend to [almost] always find something that i love and Must Have in this market and the great part is that you can bargain for prices!!


This new [hot] pink sheer chiffon blouse {circa 1980s} with bead detailing in the shoulders and OH lets not forget the football sized shoulder pads [which i eventually cut out, ask alex!] haha. There are 2 little buttons at the bottom that closes the blouse but this is optional!! I sincerely have love for this blouse! –> what can i say? , i definitely am an [80s] girl!

[yea yea] i know the pic is blurry but for some reason i have this [odd] fascination for it! But hey! at least you can get an idea of my blouse on me! 🙂

–>[ FYI ] its me and my girlie, [alex] at a new club opening in milano.

stay tuned for the photo-story of a [typical] camille.ion day….<3


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