[bear] took my [breathe] away.

Right now, I feel like im on top of the world. Yea, you know…that whole “love” thing. I can really tell that someone really knows me –when they realize that it doesnt take much to make me ridiculously happy.

Well finally, a man who has picked up on this [golden] tip about me. His name [at least for now] is Bear. And this is a foto-story of what he did.

meet baby bear…he’s a laker & he TALKS too.. 🙂

This LV scarf just came out a few weeks ago! How sweet!

The happy ending.



3 thoughts on “[bear] took my [breathe] away.

  1. Sorrelle Harris says:

    omg melo..love it!! so happy that you’ve found someone truly amazing!! and love the note inside too, how cute! xoxo

  2. sade says:

    ….lol…keeper! so sweet!

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