Kimiko Yoshida: the artist who transforms herself

Born in japan in the early 60s but fled to europe in 1995 (where she currently resides now) to get away from the serious oppression against women in her home country. She has turned this negative experience into a lifelong celebration of women through her art. 

What she does? She does self-portraits transforming herself into various (possible) interpretations. The interpretation i seem to like the most is the one of different brides from across the globe. Currently there are over 300 self-portraits of kimiko within the last decade.

Check it out:

Kimiko is definitely an artistic camille.ion with the abilities to change herself however & whenever she wants for the sake of art.

May be a little strange to the eye at first, but a shocking visual experience is always good for the soul! 😉

View more at her website.


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