Kelly Smith: [birdy & me] Illustrator

I always get excited when i discover, at least for myself, a talented illustrator! I mean it seems like there arent anymore true illustrators anymore! why is that?? sadness, really.

Neway, Meet: Kelly Smith, super cute, and super talented owner/designer of birdy & me. She hails from Australia and has done musings for a bunch of selective names that we all know such as: ROC eyewear, Yen, and even Vogue Australia!

She’s also done a bunch of collaborations with photographers such as Macushla Burke! U should totally take a look at what they’ve created together!

What i love most about Kelly is that she always seems to add some kind of texture to her designs whether its buttons, watercolor, or sequins…just to name a few!

so feminine & beautiful im seriously thinking about buying a design soon and sticking it in my apartment so that other ppl can admire her work like i do! haha.

i feel so girly for loving this artist! But whats not to love?? simply. wonderful –> check out her website Now!



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