obsession du jour.

it appears that my previous “obsessions du jours” have been getting alot of views which is super cool!! so im gonna keep up with it! I figure you guys either look at it because you actually like it too or because you know whatever i choose is gonna be super strange! (what kind of weirdo am i , right?) haha jk

My obsession today is: VTG SUNGLASSES by WhatTheFunk

It is completely possible for vtg sunglasses to exist in perfect condition…(just in case you were wondering). 

Its called “dead-stock” which is when a store from the 80s or whenever has leftover merchandise from that time period when they were still in business! Still perfect, & brand new!

I love these sunglasses by WhatTheFunk…they have an etsy shop filled with great vtg, retro stuff–its definitely worth taking a look at! The avg. price for these groovy shades are about 30 bucks (but dont quote me on that!) haha.

Hurry! Click HERE to view their etsy shop full of different styles!


One thought on “obsession du jour.

  1. WhatTheFunk says:

    Love your blog! Thank you for including my sunglasses 🙂

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