Interview w/ (eco) avant-gardist designer: Stacy J. Lee 4 FAULT mag

I had the great opportunity of interviewing Stacy J. Lee who is an amazing eco (avant-garde) designer who creates extraordinary pieces from discarded clothing, in particular jeans!

How incredible right? –> truly talented 

look at these leggings!! I want them soo badly! I knew i meant to ask Stacy, where can i buy these one of  kind stunners. It takes soo much patience to make these pieces—im talking about hours and hours and hours because its done by HAND!

When i asked Stacy how she “designs for a better world” this is what she said:

I try to be more conscious in all aspects of my work — which materials to work with, how to produce them, and the final products. I am also very interested in building communities through fashion, promoting locality, being resourceful, while not compromising design. More than that, I strongly believe that eco-consciousness can be a design enhancer, rather than a limited way of working.

Wanna READ the whole INTERVIEW i did for FAULT mag? Click HERE!


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