designer spotlight: Helena Fredriksson

The overall mood of the line is one of time and timeless, yet the details, silhouettes, and design breathe modern contemporary culture. 

The main inspiration of the line stemming from foreign films and the concept of the human condition, H. Fredriksson is able to create contemporary designs that have been motivated by the past. Kinda like a timeless blast from the past. 

This collection, appearing as if it is part of the wardrobe set for a film noir movie, is made with eco-friendly materials and fabricated in New York City.

I notice that i tend to really love indie designers because they really are passionate about their work. like they make clothes out of fulfillment rather than need.

This is exactly what Helena does, designing using her scandanavian roots as a foundation and using your NYC “go getta” attitude for drive and motivation.

Which equals: a timeless hippie chic sustainable line that you cant help but to love!




These images are from Helena’s Fall 10′ collection! I love the cape over-coats especially..oh and of course the rustic colors of fall! ❤

View the entire collection


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