proto-type ((1)) for camille.ion

As we all know…i have literally just begun to realize the “design” thoughts that are in my head. Now, your getting a glipse of the first prototype that ive innovated/upcycled–whatever u wanna call it! 😉

Ive dubbed the first prototype as : CANNES 

Description: Cannes will be made with 100% organic jersey cotton & done with a sharpie pen.  The sleeves will be cuffed as seen. Distressed look with cuts and rips. unfinished seam. It will be available in black, gray, and white. 

** YES THE DOUBLE C IS OF CHANEL BUT AS YOU CAN SEE, I LEFT THE CC’s (purposely) UNDONE….and i like it that way 😉

Its still a “creation in the making” so i may add something…or not. but the fotos give you a general idea of what it will look like.

Hope you guys like it! –> im really eager to see the finished product because im really sure it’ll be epic! ❤



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